My name is Kelvy Lopez, i first get in touch with AE TRADING was when i was looking for a supplier from Korea who can sell me grade A used tires. Before i made my first order i reached other companies who sell the same product, but for some reason i decided to work with AE TRADING (terrible mistake).

I asked for 3,000 pcs of Grade A used tires to AE TRADING. I sent the list of tires we were looking for and the quantity of each size. We agreed the terms of the transaction and in that point everything was fine.

We sent¬† AE TRADING full payment of the goods because terms were EX-WORK. Also we handled the ocean freight. After 2 months we received the first 40ft HQ container. When we opened on port for the customs inspection, surprise surprise, we received just 1,213 tires, all size we didn’t order, a lot of damaged tires, very bad tire condition.

For the port i sent to MRS KIM, pics of the tires, we also paid to them for tripping the tires to get the 3000 pcs in one container and all of them came single (tripping cost us$300). after two months of complaining with MRS KIM, AE TRADING desired to send me another 40ft HQ container supposedly with the remaining tires to complete the order (3000 pcs). once the container was received in port and opened for the inspection, Another surprise, once againg container came short, 1,136 tires, again wrong sizes and a lot of damage tires. we had to pay anther ocean freight and paid again custom tax for more that us$8,000.

Again we sent a complain to AE TRADING and they decide to complete the order by sending us another 40ft HQ container of tires, just 3 weeks ago we received the container, after opened and do the inspection, once again the same thing. again we had to paid ocean freight and custom taxes.

I don’t now, how can Alibaba have this time of company on their data base, scamming and ruining peoples business and the reputation of Koreans international comers without acting agains this.

Hope no one else goes through this nightmare and korean authorities can stop these people at last.

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