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Recently visited Walmart in Central Square, NY- I went there to buy a curtain rod. I frequent this Walmart often and know the store quite well-anyway on this day I had brought my Labrador with me, it was warm but not overbearing, there was a breeze and I left all four windows halfway open. I was in the store maybe 5 minutes, as I went thru self checkout.

When I got to my truck there was an employee at my truck texting on her phone – I stood there behind her for several minutes as she texted. Finally she turned around and noticed me and said – oh is this your truck, I said – it is, why are you near it? She responded that they had a customer complaint because of my dog. I told her that I have only been gone for 5 minutes, that I only had to pick up one thing. She responded “yeah that is what they all say”.

I asked what is the problem, she said that the dog is in the truck and its hot. I told her that if she opened her eyes, she would notice that my dog is not even panting and she would also notice that all four windows are opened. Not to mention there is a bowl of water on the floor in the back. I told her that if she ever notices a human or an animal in distress her first action would be to call for medical attention and the proper authorities. She also lied about the length of time that she said I was gone.

You really need to train employees on matters such as this. NEVER should they think they should take matters into there own hands and always make sure that there facts are in order. She is lucky that my dog is friendly otherwise she could have put herself in danger and hanging around peoples cars is not the smartest of moves either. I think her concern was more on texting than my dog.

Rude, arrogant not to mention sarcastic employees need to be fired, nor should they think they are parking lot police.

You know what really bothers me, especially at this store, is that I can be at the paint department for a half hour and not get an employee over there, but today I was there for 5 minutes and there is one waiting at my truck.

Walmart – RTE 49 OR East Ave Central Square New York 13036

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