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I was unfairly fired for standing up to Church for taking hours away from me. She will let thieves and drug addicts continue to work there, or transfer them to another store, so it doesn’t go on her record when she has to let me go.

She sells food off her boyfriend’s truck, that works for Us Foods. She let one of her cooks smoke pot out the backdoor. In fact tells him to do so. She cheats on her food cost and is teaching her manager trainee how to do it.

Works people off the clock so she doesn’t run in to overtime doesn’t come in at night to change out shift. Ae tell employees to call her relief manager when they need something so she doesn’t have to come back in.

Serves oh and lemonade that has mold in it. Then will brag about how she has the big bosses fooled. How they can’t touch her cause she is so needed. Talks down to her staff on the floor, takes money out her petty box to cover the food she sells off US Food truck.

Waffle House 2125 – 35473 | 205-330-0992

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