I worked for Waffle House for 16 months, I was in the process of being trained for relief manager. My co-worker had been coming to work with problems from home that the manager informed me about. An incident took place where she called me a petty b***h. The manager on duty was informed and nothing was done about it.

The next day she came to work with the same attitude and gave a to-go order away, never sayin’ she made a mistake. I informed the manager once again, and then my co-worker was heated, and started screaming in my ear. And  the manager once again did nothing.

We fussed, she lied like she got pushed. No one was outside at the time but I got suspended for doing the right thing – by telling the manager before this got out of control.

She never got suspended, and two weeks later they said I was discharged. The division manager Ara would not speak nor answer my calls.

Its like they took one side of the story and ran with it, ’cause she has worked with Waffle House for 3yrs…What should I do?

Waffle House – Terryun / Ara – Avondale Lousiana | 504-436-2002

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