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I am a disabled adult. I have been a loyal Verizon customer for many, many years.
My account is paid on time in full monthly.

In 2014 I purchased a new LG Lucid 3 cell phone from my local Verizon store. I took out the monthly cell phone insurance on the phone.

Within 2 months the phone soured and was replaced with a refurbished LG Lucid 3. This phone began to sour quickly…it would not hold a charge. I purchased 2 new batteries for the phone and 3 new charging cables. The phone discharges within seconds. It can take a week to get the phone to hold even a 20% charge.

Online I was looking for a new cell phone carrier. I discovered that the government will offer individuals that qualify with proof a smartphone and free monthly cell phone service.
For nearly 27 months I have been paying for full monthly service on a phone that has not been dependable to me at a cost of nearly $70.00 a month.

The nightmare with cell phone service is changing carrier’s.

Verizon of course does not offer free cell phones and monthly service to those that qualify.
On March 4, 2017 I attempted an online chat with customer service to sever my service and port my number to Safelink Wireless. Verizon must make the contact with Safelink Wireless to begin the change of service.

I got on the online chat an individual that despite my clear explanation to him never got a clue about why I was having the chat online. He stated to me that I was “hassling him”. I took great offense to these words from him. Requested to speak to his supervisor.
He never transferred me to his supervisor. The reason for the online chat was because my phone would not hold it charge long enough to conduct a phone call to customer service without suffering a loss of the battery charge. The online rep told me to borrow a phone from a friend or go to my local Verizon store to handle this matter.

Currently I am laid up with a severe knee problem and cannot get out. So I have no phone to use and cannot get to the store. The rep said that “anyone” could go to the Verizon store to handle this for me. Why would I want “anyone” to handle this for me? Online I can upgrade my service; downgrade my service; or suspend my service. However, I cannot request a change of carriers. I finally found an e-mail address for management and sent them a lengthy e-mail explaining my situation. I provided them my ID # for Safelink Wireless; their address and 800 number. The online rep never asked for this.

There must be a way to submit whatever information Verizon is requiring by FAX. I am the only one that knows where the phone was purchased; what employee handled the sale; etc. Additionally on March 4, 2017 I “suspended” my service on the phone. This will reduce my monthly charge down to $10.00 a month until this matter is resolved with Verizon.

It is now as I write this nearly 4:00 p.m. on the east coast and I have not heard from Verizon as promised today. I contacted Ronan Dunne’s office at Verizon via e-mail.
If we as consumers don’t get the courage to speak up about issues like this we will continue to be taken advantage of by these companies.

My advice to all of you out there is if you have a complaint be certain to voice it. I wish all of you luck if you are in a similar circumstance. I guess these cell phone companies expect you to end service with their company from your grave.

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