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On April 21, 2016, I went to the Verizon Wireless store in Conway, Arkansas and purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which totaled around $400.00. Around September 7th, I noticed I had a purple spot on the phone. About an hour later, more purple spots appeared on the phone. This was late at night, so quite naturally, Verizon Customer service was closed.

I contacted them first thing the next day. Upon speaking to the first representative, she asked me had the phone had any water damage and I responded that the phone had never had any water or moisture damage. The phone is always in a place where it will not sweat or get wet. So she informed me that in order for me to receive a replacement, that I would need to do a factory reset.

I didn’t do the factory reset initially because I had VERY IMPORTANT information on my phone. There were pictures, very important text messages, and contacts that I needed which were on my phone. The representative informed me that everything was saved on the cloud so I didn’t need to worry. I still didn’t do it.

Needless to say, I spoke with two other reps that told me the same so I decided to do a factory reset. When I did, I lost all my text messages, some contacts, and not one rep could tell me how to restore my pictures. I was furious. So I received my replacement on Sep. 10, 2016.

The day I received the refurbished phone, I noticed the battery would not charge fast off of a high speed charger. I went to the store the next day and the rep told me it was normal for a phone to take 5 hours to charge, which is a lie.

Needless to say, I called in over 5 times complaining about the battery of this used phone. They did a factory reset and it still didn’t work right so they are sending me another used phone. My problem is I paid $400 for a new phone that had a defect and didn’t last 5 months so why am I receiving a used phone that someone possibly had for over a year? I’m furious by the poor customer service, plan on leaving Verizon, and possibly getting a lawyer

My complaint today, November 7, 2016:

I recently file a complaint against Verizon Wireless. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from a Verizon store on April 21,2016. 4 months later, I noticed purple spots on my phone. The company did a factory reset then sent me a refurbished phone. There was no water damage to the phone so I didn’t feel like it was fair that I paid over $400.00 then Verizon sent me a used refurbished phone.

Two days after receiving the refurbished phone, I went into the store and complained about my battery draining. I called into Verizon on several occasions complaining and they did a factory reset then said they would send out another used (refurbished) phone. I filed a complaint because I didn’t feel like it was fair when i paid over $400 and the phone was defected and I didn’t cause it.

After receiving several complaints from me, the executive office called me and stated they would send me a new phone at no cost. I was told that the phone would be shipped Nov. 1, 2016(if my memory serves me correct). The executive representative Jesus L (Verizon executive relations) told me that my phone would be delivered Thursday, Nov. 4 and at the latest Friday. I called in several times to locate the phone and no representative could locate the order. They lied and said they would call me back with tracking information but failed to do so.

Today, Nov.7, I attempted to contact Jesus and he didn’t answer the phone so I spoke to another representative from the executive relations dept. He informed me that they didn’t know when I would receive my phone because it was on back order. After going back and forth with him, he questioned why I didn’t call Samsung to check on the phone versus Verizon.

I received a letter from Jesus (exec) that he sent to FCC stating this issue was resolved and he informed me that I would receive an email with the shipping date, then I would receive my device two days later (which was another lie). I’m tired of dealing with poor customer service and lies. I am going to speak to ATT about new service and I want out of my contract.


After receiving my complaints to the BBB and FCC, they canceled my order. They had no intentions of sending the device.

Verizon Wireless – 53 Chateaus Ln Little Rock Arkansas 72210

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