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I have been arguing with Verizon for the last year now when they started putting another charge on my bill. My husband and I have been with Verizon for the last 20 yrs, cause it’s the only cell service that works for rural areas. He needed a new phone, was up to get one, what Verizon said on bill, and I was going to change service from net10 to Verizon. He seen the Extravert2, slide phone, we seen it online from Verizon and went to a store with Verizon’s name in it.

This phone was only supposed to be $109 with payments added to our bill of $4.58 per month. We have been charged $10.41 per month with grand total of $249 per phone? Been arguing about this phone because workers at the store on Canton rd. Carrollton, OH told us that we can use wifi and get any apps downloaded to this phone.

Well, I went back over and over and then since I couldn’t get this phone to do anything I wanted I got a ‘hotspot’ for wifi from Verizon. Even though I told the girl that I had one that was given to me by my neighbor, she told me that it wouldn’t work and I had to get new one? It didn’t work as it should have for first 5 days I had it, took it back and owed $35, restock fee, A FEE TO TAKE IT INTO A BACK DOOR OF THE SAME BUSINESS?

I have been into it with Verizon since they wouldn’t take the phone that did nothing I needed back, even going to N.Canton at the main Verizon office who told me that “they were not responsible for what goverizonwireless charged me or they couldn’t take the bill off.”

Even though I was a new customer and my husband was up for a new phone… Since September of 2015 we have been messaging Verizon on FB. I want the price that it was offered online which was $109 and $4.58 per month per phone.

Yesterday I stayed on messenger from 2pm till 10:30 with about 5 employees, who kept asking me what my password, #’s, and why I wanted to cancel my data that was up to 8GB now because of all the overages. Which are not really overages, because if you look on their page they say “data is ESTIMATED”.

Well then when you tell me that I went over .004 bites of data and charge me $15 for GB, that you take back when you load my data on the first time on the 18th, then you won’t load it until 12:00am on the 19th of the month, you make us use our data 31 days?

When I ask to change the data date that it loads you tell me “you can’t because the contracts that you signed to buy the other phone WON’T LET YOU”, well your main office in N.Canton tells me that goverizonwireless ISN’T AFFILIATED with your BUSINESS, but YOUR NAME IS PRESENT IN THEIR BUSINESS. This makes you affiliated:

1. your name is in their business name,

2. they can get into our account and bill us from you

3. they can lie to your customers and you really don’t care what they are charging them or YOU WOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

I was also charged a bunch of times a $5.00 late fee, in which I was NOT LATE paying, but didn’t pay the full amount, more than 9/16 of the bill was paid, the only difference was the new amount under $20 was not added to old bill amount.

Do you realize what the LATE FEES DO TO YOUR CREDIT RATING? most people don’t think of this but I know what it does.

My August bill had a $15 overage on it while they also charged $10 for 2 extra GB because Verizon has no real way of seeing how much data you do use. So instead of paying $184 (for 3phones, 2 smart and one regular old cell) I had to pay $204 because you added this overage also even though I bought 2 extra GB…

I want the overages that I paid for, the late fees we’ve been charged, and the charges for a slide phone, which is not considered a ‘smart phone’ back…. This is going to go in complaint to Mike DeWine, Ohio’s attorney general and Verizon, along with on a complaints list that Verizon is well known…

Verizon & Go Verizon Wireless – Canton Rd Carrollton Oh 44615

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