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We were explicitly lied to by a sales representative on a deal that led us to switch to Verizon as a carrier from AT&T. And subsequently kicked out of the Verizon store by a security guard when we tried to receive our end of the deal, after trading in our iPhones. We were also told from the manager that there was no such deal to begin with, when he had heard we had no documented paperwork of the agreement for the deal.

We were extremely mistreated, we were taken advantage of, humiliated, and directly lied to by Verizon. We now realized we do have the initial documented paperwork that backed our agreement and claims, written by the sales representative himself.

We went to Verizon store: 8795 Villa La Jolla Dr, La Jolla on Nov 26th, 2016 for a “Black Friday deal”, which advertised $200 visa gift cards for phone trade-ins. We traded in 3 iPhone 6’s for iPhone 7 upgrades, and we were falsely informed that the 3 additional lines we had could also receive $200 visa gift cards, as long as we trade in any old phone with at least $1 value.

This would total 6 $200 visa gift cards for 6 trade-ins, and we spent 4 hours on that day confirming and receiving written confirmation from the sales representative, David, about this deal. He made no mention at all initially that the trade-ins had to be iPhones.

On Nov 27th, we went to the same Verizon store, and tried to trade in 3 old phones. The representatives told us they cannot accept these phones because they were not iPhones. We were never told this, but we reasoned that the cost of fixing our old iphones is worth the value of gift cards we will receive. Base on this false premise, we did go back and spend $200 fixing 3 old iPhone 4’s in order to do this trade-in deal that we were promised initially.

On Dec 2nd, I traded-in my last iPhone 4 at another Verizon store near my office, our 6th and last iPhone, and was told that we need to apply with the rebate forms to receive our gift cards. Again, we were promised by David, 6x$200 Visa Gift cards, totaling $1200, for the 6 iPhones we trade in. 3 iPhone 6’s to upgrade to iphone 7’s, and 3 iPhone 4’s for the Visa gift cards.

We had trouble with our online rebate forms because they did not go through, so we went back to 8795 Villa La Jolla Dr, La Jolla Verizon store. We spoke with the same sales representative, David, to help us with the rebate forms. He assured us repeatedly, don’t worry you will get your 6 Visa gift cards. After 30 minutes, he was unable to submit the rebate forms and the store manager came out. This is where we were very poorly treated and taken advantage of.

The manager Sergio Soto, told us we weren’t getting the 6 gift cards we were promised, only 4. I said no, we were told to from the beginning 6, and we confirmed with David. We asked him to speak with David, and he refused, first asking us if we had paperwork to prove the validity of our claims, and after we first said no, he claimed David said no such thing. He tried to take advantage of the fact he believed I had no paperwork, and told David, the sales rep, to go to the back office because he was afraid of what David would say, and because he was afraid David would tell the truth.

The manager blatantly took advantage of us by the fact that he believed we had no written documentation of this deal that David promised us.

I was completely shocked that he started to try to lie right in front of me, and I wanted to record the conversation to have proof of everything the manager said at that point. He told me no, that I could not record. I asked him how am I supposed to prove what he said if I’m unable to record or document this conversation.

I felt so taken advantage of, and wanted to call the police. As I was trying to use my phone, the manager calls the security guard to kick us out. In the end, we did not receive what we were promised, and only received $10 trade-in value for each of our 3 working iPhone 4S’s.

I had trusted Verizon, and based on that trust, I spent $200 fixing old iPhones and switched all of our carriers from AT&T to Verizon on a lie. I later found our paperwork with David’s agreement to the deal that he said, and this is proof that the manager knowingly lied to us, to take advantage of us. This is no way to treat customers, and I regret the decision to ever switch to Verizon.

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