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As a possible new member of SilverScript (S5601) Rx coverage for Medicare Part D plans in Missouri, I filled out the form online and got to the Terms & Conditions at the very end – just before officially joining. I always read T&C carefully because the devil is in these detail. The first paragraph was short, but, a total red flag to me (I do have to give SilverScript credit for being clear on possible issues by joining them).

Long story short, the online chat was useless at getting additional information and directed me to the toll free number. As many complaints have noted, calling SilverScript was ultimately useless also. Over an hour and twenty minutes on the phone with multiple transfers to various departments none of whom could help (they could not even access the company’s Terms & Conditions document until reaching a Conflicts Manager at the very end).

Long wait times between actually talking with representatives. Simple questions could not be answered. Yes, everyone was polite, but of no use – a very frustrating experience.

Interestingly, no representative would give their location other than the state. No one would give the full name of the company (SilverScript Insurance Company) or would answer if SilverScript was a subsidiary (which apparently it is – CVS Caremark Corp.).

I am not saying there is anything nefarious about this lack of openness, but, it undermines my personal confidence that my needs will be properly and fairly handled.

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