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So I joined the uadreams a few years ago and have spent over $1,500 before realizing that its a very well put together arrangement. Where they hire girls (advertising where girls will apply) and they are promised an income for staying at home and making money.

So here’s how they do it  – 98% Scam & <2% Real:

1. First the girl is given a free session of photo shoots etc (photoshop included) and will also get videos of the girls and post one free sometimes for everyone to see

2. There are translators and keyboard slaves (where they do all the chatting and write the emails on behalf of the girls) They are taught to always write professionally, politely, never reveal any personal information and keep enticing the customer/client to keep communicating as long as possible as this is how their money is made. Per email. Its actually great if the client just decides to communicate via email, that way, the agency and every keeps getting money out of it for the long run (Why kill the golden goose).

Things become uncomfortable if you want to get personal information and communicate outside of the site. They will tell you its not possible till you have made arrangements to meet in their city and made all the arrangements through the website etc. Of course many times, if you do make arrangements they will be sick or traveling or working or gone to another city etc. There are a myriad of ways they just want to keep the emails and video chat going but not meet in real life. Only the professional daters ( google search professional daters in ukraine/russia ) will meet you to milk you out of more money.

3. Now there is the video chat ( The lottery ) because here they make the most money usually. At first it will seem just great to see your lady on video chat but slowly you will start realizing its pretty rehearsed and usually the translator is telling the girl what to do. One of the giveaways is when the answers to your questions come so fast that only the translators can figure out the answers.

e.g. I asked one of the girls that I liked your photos at your modelling agency and gave an example- instantly the question came back . HOW DID YOU KNOW? HOW DID YOU FIND OUT? I told them that I found out through a friend but in reality I hired a detective agency to find out if the communication I was having was true.

4. I know many of you will be disappointed and so was I that you got swindled by a lady who was posing to make some money, who already have boyfriends. We have so far located 3-4 girls on the site that have vibrant social lives including boyfriends or husbands. But they are on the site to make a little side money while staying home.

5. Ok. How do I know these as a fact: I have the email and phone number including their social media site address where they post regularly. When you try to contact any of them via these media, (the same girls who are so sweet and never hesitate to write to you everyday and tell all about their lives and how they need a foreign man in their lives, because all the guys in their country are not up to expectations) will block you and not communicate back and if you are persistent they will delete their profiles. Later one of them did bring her social profile back but has blocked it from others seeing it.

6. The same girls who in the letters and chat was eager to meet me wouldn’t want to touch me with a 10 foot pole once you reach them in real life! The more business these girls generate for the agencies the more they get a cut out of it. So they continue to look pleasing, and even wave and laugh with you via web chat but really doesn’t want to do anything with you.

7. Some of these girls will meet you professionally in their city (after you have paid a huge amount to the agency to arrange everything) but the whole point is to buy things , pay for restaurants etc so everyone gets a cut out of you. Remember the professionals will never ask you for direct money only the amateur ones.

8. Now – Realize this guys – don’t Hate the players or the Game. You signed up for this. Its your money and you got taken for a ride like I was. Yes, I can choose to be upset or try to understand this game.

9. If you don’t believe it, sign up for a free dating site and try emailing girls – ( Just do the experiment and see how many of them reply back to you or the responses you get back – nothing like this lengthy, detailed emails along with how much they miss you BS ) In real life girls are not falling head over heals to fall on your feet just because you have a little money and a western passport!

Young girls are NOT looking to marry /date an old foreigner who doesn’t speak their language. BUT they will gladly take your money. Is that fair? NO ONE said life was going to be fair. Youtube and google “dating scams” – Research some reports before paying any more money to these agencies.

10. Beware of an invitation by uadreams. Once they realize you can become a client, they will entice you from other websites with the lure that the girl feels safer here and the translation is better etc. Its business and they continue to do it. It was funny. I was communicating with this girl from uadreams and then I found her on another website, so I registered with another email address,the same girl on the other website had no clue who I was but after a few short communication closed her account.

A few days later , I got an email to my other email address asking me to join uadreams to continue my communication with her. Slowly I am starting to understand how this works.

So now, I will continue to expose and reveal what I have found out, realized and experienced. It will take some time but hopefully it will save someone else money , broken heart and worse your sanity. Be responsible and enjoy this wonderful life. I have visited both Russia / Ukraine (will never do with an agency) and have met wonderful people there (unfortunately the dating agencies are mostly scams – the more professional, the more elaborate their scams).

There are sites and reports by others who have experienced similar things. Now there may be a remote chance that there was a few success stories ( hence 98% scam ) but go an meet real people who have gone through this and you will find the truth.

I will update more as I find out more.

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Important. Must also clarify: This with uadreams scam and other translate fee scams from Russia or Ukraine has nothing to do with life beeing fair or not etc: Actually incorrect statement, Christ said that we should treat others as we wanna be treated, if people did that life would be much more fair. And this is also a crime these date scams translation fee agencies date scam sites operating from Ukraine and Russia, and should be prosecuted by highest extend by the honest law worldwide. This has in other words not anything to do with if life is fair or… Read more »
Hello all. Must excuse the author in this article all blame is on the scam agencies and scam prodate girls from Ukraine and Russia nothing is the victims fault ever, none of the victims of this scam did ever sign up for this scammings of the victims period! You have every right to be upset, but best is to leave the rightful anger to God and let God do justice in end never take out revenge yourself be blessed. The Western scammed men around World is totally innocent in this and is the victims, all blame on Uadreams translate fee… Read more »

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