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I sent 3 bags that were so full I had trouble carrying them. They were full of good quality items. I am about to make an international move so I was quite ruthless in determining what to send.

2 months later I get an email to say the first bag has been processed, and the new – with tags items have been swiped for upfront payout of – wait for it… $16! Including a bag full of Missoni for Target stuff, with tags and a jumpsuit I bought at Xmas for $378. Again, never worn, with tags.

Seriously – it’s an insult to my intelligence as well as a big fat waste of time and effort.

I own a brick & mortar vintage store, an etsy store, and used to sell on Vinted, and another online site that has since closed. I treat my customers like family – that’s why I have a successful business.

This experience is a blatant exploitation – nothing more. Do not send your clothes to ThredUP – you will regret it.

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I was disappointed on how little money I received for an entire bag of clothes, some actually with tags. I had a yard sale at home and sold a lot of clothes and received more money then thredup gave me. No more thredup.

So far i have only had 2 bags gone though and did fairly well i thought.Dont have to mess hours listing on Ebay plus Ebay and paypal get so much of it not counting all the ink /bags and label paper i had to buy.Got more bags there for them to process and more to send as soon as i can get some more dotted bags from them.Someone mention Target.That is not brand name clothes.So far im happy.Things could change.


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