You will be sorry for sending in clothes - thredUP

Branch / Location of Complaint: Thredup
Address: 2992 Alvarado St San Leandra, California
Phone: 617-575-9676

I have sent 6 bags of clothes in, because I thought this was a great idea.

I believe that what comes around will go around.

I work hard for my money, so when I saw that they put my jacket that I bought brand new for $139.00 last year, wore twice at retail $39.00, and they were selling it for $9.99, it made me sad to think they would do this to people.

Shame on you for doing this.

And the great news is I got $38.9 cents for the coat.

Way to go.

I’m so sorry I sent in six bags and will never shop there again your loss.

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