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I bought a Gilbraud jacket from Thredup, and was charged for it. A few days later the entire transaction disappeared.

I bought a second item shortly after the first one, and that seems to have gone through.

I have tried to reach a live person, but this company has put up so many barriers it is impossible to actually have a live conversation.

Each time I email them asking about the first transaction, they tell me it’s on the way – but it’s for the 2nd item, not the one I keep asking about.

They are intentionally stonewalling me, because if they don’t admit having documentation for the Gilbraud jacket then I have asked them to assure me I will not be charged for the Gilbraud jacket, which was about $135. Instead they dummy up and tell me it’s on the way.

I could not have been clearer about the jacket I was inquiring about, and they just keep ignoring me.

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