TOTAL SCAM - Teezily

I ordered a shirt, which I saw on facebook. The facebook shirt has an actual pocket on it.

When the shirt came, there was a pocket that was ironed on. The shirt is a Hane’s which will cost about $5. The ironed on picture is something I could have done. The shirt cost a total of $30.

Not to mention that the image on this shirt is another company’s design. So, not only did they rip me off but they are ripping off other companies.

I spoke with a person on the phone who belittled me and argued with me.

I am unhappy with my product, and the only way to even try to get a refund is to send pictures of the shirt to them and wait for someone to respond to me. I don’t trust them and will not give them any more of my money.

I warn everyone to stay far away from this scam!

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