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I ordered a t-shirt that I was told was available in a certain size, when I placed the order that size wasn’t in the drop down box. I just ordered it anyway and immediately sent an email saying if you did not have the size I need please cancel my order.

I got a response two days later saying my order already went to print, so because they took two days to answer my email I got the incorrect size and a t-shirt I cannot use.

They agreed to refund my money if I mail the shirt back to France, the shirt didn’t even come from France it came from Minnesota. Why should I have to play to return a shirt all the way to France from the United States that will cost more than the shirt when it didn’t come from there.

This companies excuse for everything is we had a technical error sorry for the delay in response. If you have so many technical issues maybe you should get someone to fix it! This company doesn’t care about their customers being satisfied. All I want is the shirt in the correct size how hard is that!!

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