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I ordered 2 t-shirts from teezily. The webpage showed a pocket t-shirt with a cartoon cat. When the pocket was pulled down you would see the cartoon cat waiving a 2 fingered “salute.”

What I received was 2 gray shirts with a cartoon cat and an iron on patch made to look like a “pocket”. It is super ugly and totally negates the entire point of the pocket cat.

I’ve written teezily numerous emails asking them to send me the correct shirts or refund my money.

I have received 3 boilerplate responses saying that the shirts are as shown on their website (they are no longer on their website) and that they can’t be responsible for their facebook marketing.

My credit card company lists them as a charity/social company. HUH? I’ve put in a complaint/dispute with my credit card company.

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Same thing happened here. Surely there is something we can do a) get a refund, b) stop them doing it to others? Isn’t this fraud?!

me too !!! completely dishonest !! SCAM !


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