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I ordered a long sleeve shirt through a Facebook ad which indicated that it was associated with the Standing Rock North Dakota Pipeline #NODAPL. I ordered the shirt and they charged my bank card and sent an email thanking me for my purchase on Nov. 2nd. Then i received another email Nov 3rd stating my item was going to ship in 10 to 15 days. I think they are using this “when the campaign ends” loophole as an excuse because they are not fulfilling their promises.

I sent and email on Nov 29th to Teezily telling them it had been 26 Days and had not received my item! They sent back an email stating they “checked on my order” and it was still at the warehouse, printer, or whatever and they would be shipping it soon. It is now Dec 6th and i still don’t have my shirt! The clients that are using Teezily to print and process shirt orders need to be made aware of these issues with Teezily.

I can now see on this site where many many others like myself have had the same kind of experiences i have experienced with Teezily. With all the negative reviews i have now seen all over the internet and this site like many of the others, i wish i would have been more vigilant in checking their credibility before i made the purchase. It may be necessary to file a class action suit against Teezily.

We all should stay in contact here on this Complaints List site and if necessary we can all file a legal complaint against Teezily. I will be contacting the BBB and any other entities i can find to file a complaint against Teezily. I guess Teezily may be trying to make a quick buck and may end up just filing a bankruptcy because of all the negative reviews but they probably will change the name and continue to do the same thing all over again.

Good luck to all the rest of you here on this site still dealing with Teezily.

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