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I signed contract with Tate publishing to publish, market and distribute my book. My manuscript was submitted and they said that they liked it and will not ask me to pay because it was not like self-published book.

By the time they start working on my book they wrote to me that they would need $2,500 to help market my book for worldwide marketing and distribution. But I was told that there would be no cost because my manuscript was great, and I had been writing and have published a book, and articles including anthology collection, with others previously; which is correct.

Now, they wanted me to pay with cropped up reason. I refused but with pressure and consistent non-responsiveness about my book, I told them that I would give them $500 which they accepted. I paid to help as requested.

I found out that their employee titled program Manager in Philippine was not knowledgeable on the job. I was the one that did editing, formatting and pretty much everything than cover design and printing. Every error I saw on samples and told her to correct was never done. I later was assigned with new Program Manager who sent my manuscript to print after a year and half.

After the release date on February 2015, many books were sold, and up to today, I have never received any royalty payment. I have received email from feedback on my website and Facebook of over 3500 comments about my book, from those who purchased the book from various vendors and store. But Tate Publishing claims that they have never received any payment on sold books.

I was not informed about their closing or bankruptcy, and I am still getting emails from those that want my book, but can’t purchase any. I

am dumb founded and don’t know what to do. I believe with my opinion that Tate publishing is a criminal organization that was never really intended to serve customers, pretended and masqueraded to be a Christian company but a fraud. The Federal government and Attorney general office should investigate them as fraudulent company.

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