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Our band did a marketing and distribution deal with Tate Music Publishing in 2015, and they delivered what they promised. We did a lot of research into the company before doing that first deal, because it sounded like a scam, but they delivered.

We were contacted by the company to do a recording contract in the summer of 2016. For the purchase price of 750 CDs, they would record and distribute the album. Since studio time is fairly expensive no matter where you go, we decided to go for it. We upgraded to include a music video, with the total coming to $1760.

It seemed too good to be true, but having a positive first experience, we felt it was safe to do it, and used our credit card to pay, in 3 monthly installments.

The religious guise and signing their stupid statement of belief was always an irritant to me, and now I have to say as a result I am extremely leery of anyone who claims to be a Christian. Tate Music Publishing was sure to contact us every month, to the day, to charge that card. Once it was paid in full, months went by and we heard nothing about getting our project started.

Finally, in December, we got through to someone who forwarded us the requirements. We got to work on what they wanted for submission to pre-authorize the lyrics and per-song requirements. When we were ready to submit, our contact at the company claimed she was hacked, and then we were unable to get contact with anyone at Tate Music Publishing any longer.

After a few months of trying, finally we found out the company had “closed”.

Thanks for the notice!

We had a written contract, by the terms of your own contract, you were bound to provide us with notice. Since NOTHING was provided by Tate Music Publishing, we feel we should receive a full refund. By this time it is March.

The credit card company will not let us file a phone dispute because it has been over 90 days since the charges were made. We did file a written dispute with the credit card but are waiting to hear.

We also filed a complaint with the Oklahoma Attorney General, which ALL OF YOU HERE SHOULD BE DOING ALSO! (Go here: to file complaints with the OK Attorney General).

I don’t think the company on this thread, called Morgan and Morgan are legitimate either. Their site does not work, plus, with class action, the attorneys are the only ones who get paid anyhow.

As for us, we’ll wait to hear from the AG and if our credit card does not recover our funds, we’ll pursue other legal options.

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