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I signed a TATE Publishing contract on March 10th 2015 and still have not received anything from them except promises. I also bought 300 books for $2,625.00 along with Audio agreement for $500.00.

Total investment $3,915.00!

Tate Publishing will not answer their phone or respond via email.

All of us need to file with the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office and file a Class Action Lawsuit ASAP! You can file online!

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My contract was signed in 2015. I have not received a single payment but I have an email stating what my payment should be. I also paid for a webpage that I never got.

I await $8500 dollars worth of product of album 5, 34 songs, $7500 of product of cd 6 paid with contract signed for 30 songs, cd 4 brighter day 500 cd order w promised 200 cd download included free of charge due to previous payments, for Brighter Day Cd. I am concerned that Mr Tate wrote on January 17,2017 he would place artists in companies so they could get their products and orders finished, and it is now almost 2 months later. I fam concerned with an email I got from my producers phone number he told me to call… Read more »

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