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I published a book with Tate Publishing and was guaranteed to receive my money back plus a substantial royalty. Unfortunately it cost me almost a $1000.00 to publish and I have so far received $3.60 return.

The original employees who did my contract are no longer working with the company. When ever you try to contact them via email or phone forget it, they don’t answer either one.

I had informed them that I had several other books to publish and once I received a return on the first one I would submit the others. I have yet to hear anything.

I am so frustrated and hurt that they promised so much but delivered nothing. I will seek other publishing companies to do my books but I will be very selective. Tate Publishing promises the world but delivers nothing. My writings help me cope with my disability and to have this done is devastating.

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My novel was published by Tate Publishing llc in February of 2016. The book has been sold on Amazon and other sites. I have also seen the book for sale in Australia and the United kingdom. Sounds good so far, huh? Wait for it. The book also has its own webpage to order books and leave reviews. Problems:1 the website doesn’t work properly. You can leave a review, but cannot read any others. 2. My book is available both new and used on eBay. I have yet to receive any royalties for book sales because I was told no copies… Read more »

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