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I used before att phone family plan 2 mega for 2 phone line is only $60 per month. In December 2015 I saw the sprint pcs half price plan advertise, which said they will charge half any plan from att, Verizon, t mobil. So I switch to sprint, and now I pay $88 per month.

Before att they said $60/month and no hidden fee and I need to pay exactly $60 plus tax. But not sprint pcs they are too many hidden fees and the price is go up instead of half.

The worst thing is before I used the att I phone 5 and 6, Sprint change the sprint I phone 5. But sprint keep my just 2 month old I phone 6 for free. I contact both sale representative and sprint toll free customer service and they just pointing finger each other.

Now I wait for end of my contract with sprint.

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