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I was at the Sprint store on 22839 Chagrin Blvd, Beachwood Ohio to transfer from T-Mobile to Sprint on 7/16 from representative Anthony.

Before leaving, I was told about the free phone (moto) and free 5th line. My cost will be the same. There is a 18 month obligation with no early termination penalty. The only condition is the phone needs to be returned in working condition.

After I left the store, I call the representative to set the new phone up. He told me that he will be there at 10am. I can finish the transaction. He told me to be there “earlier the better.”

That evening I received lease agreement and transaction receipt with RH on it. Furthermore, there were charges, including 4 protection plans. None of the charges I authorized. I called Sprint that night and cancel the protection plan. They told me I would have to cancel the phone at the store.

On 7/17 10amish, I called and spoke to a lady, Charmaine? and informed the situation She says that she was going to contact Anthony. She will call me back.

I ended up going to the store at 7pm since no one call me back. I asked for the manager, Hunter. We discuss the situation. He says you will need to “pick it up with Anthony.” I asked him to cancel the transaction.

He says there is nothing he can do. He refuses to cancel the order. Meanwhile, the phone is activated and I don’t even have the merchandise that I am charged.

I subsequently spent on the phone for another 1hour with national Sprint. Account representative there called the store. Store manager again says that it will need to be picked up with management. He refuses to cancel the order. Sprint complaint # 1236969579.

Not only they misrepresented the cost of the merchandise, falsified the signature initial, ordered the protection plan I never signed up, violate my right to return items both with 72hour under the Ohio law and Sprint 14 days product guarantee of a product that I don’t even possess.

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First of all; never wait for permission to exercise your right to expunge the agreement within 72 hours. You should have taken a witness to the store with you and left the phone along with the contract, on the counter. Or you could have sent the phone and contract back to Sprint within 72 hours via certified return receipt USPS mail. Basically you really could have cancelled within 30 Days with no consequences.


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