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This is a copy of the message I sent to Sprint:

I have been told since this posting, yesterday, that I have to just wait (again) until they can review it.

Can I just say, Sprint has got to be the very worst company that I have ever dealt with?!
I live in a rural community, and have had Verizon for many years. It’s through the roof expensive, but excellent coverage.

Recently, I called Sprint to see what they had to offer people in my area as far as actual coverage. The man on the phone told me, “you live out there where they just did a lot of work! Yeah, your coverage will be great!” (After I told him that I heard that Sprint doesn’t have coverage in my area.)

“If it doesn’t work, no worry, you have 14 days to try it out and if it doesn’t work, send the phones back and you’ll get your money back.”

Ok. Ordered the 5 phones.

Got the phones within a few days. I sent one up to my son in Sacramento next day air.

Day 1.

The day we got the phones, we drove 80+ miles to the nearest Sprint store, got the lines all set-up, had to switch 2 of the numbers because Sprint wouldn’t port the numbers we’d had for years.

Drove back home, terrible service. Called Sprint customer service to troubleshoot and see if the phones themselves had issues. The guy had me reset, dial a bunch of numbers, etc. and finally said there’s nothing more to do, we just don’t have service out here. I asked him to please cancel the lines and we’d continue with Verizon, as we need service that’s dependable. I was transferred to a different person, and all was supposed to be done. I was told that my son in Sacramento could return his phone to a corporate store up there, no problem.

The only problem then, was that Sprint refused to mail a return box to me at my PO Box, which is the only USPS mail we have here due to it being so rural. They had no problem shipping the phones to me via USPS, Fed-Ex or UPS, but not a box to return the phones in, she stated that the computer wouldn’t take a PO Box number in the shipping address. I asked her why she couldn’t just hand write a label, she replied that it was not allowed, but would speak to her supervisor to find out what to do and call me back. This was all done on the day I received the phones.

Day 2.

I called Sprint to see what had happened with my return call and the status of the return box, again stating that I would be happy to get another box, or use the one they sent the phones in originally if they would just give me the address. Was told to wait for a return call once again. This continued for several days.

Finally, I got fed-up with the waiting. I knew I had a 14 day money back trial period and several friends had told me to be careful because they’d experienced this before too, and that Sprint likes to wait out the 14 day trial so they can keep from having to refund money and start billing people. Now, mind you that all of the customer service people I had spoken to were very polite and seemed to “understand” my frustration. They just lacked follow-through.

Finally, on June 19th I got an email with a shipping label on it. Within my 14 days, but barely.

On June 20th at 10:26 am, I shipped the phones back via UPS with the label I was emailed and printed out.

I called Sprint again, spoke to the csr I had been talking to before and told her that the package was in the mail. She said she would keep an eye on the tracking number and as soon as it was received, I would be getting my refund within 7-10 days.

This is June 20.

The package was received at the address Sprint had on their emailed label on June 26th at 10:05am.

I received an email in July telling me to return the phones or make a payment. I figured I’d give it more time to go through.

Fast forward to today… I received another email from Sprint. Pay $1,300.00 or be sent to collections! Well, this has gone on WAY too long, still no refund received- I’m mad now. I call the number on the email.

Spoke to Janice in finance- she has no idea how this has gone so far, puts me on hold for quite a bit while trying to figure out what’s going on. She can’t figure it out, so refers me to customer service. Spoke to Ashley in customer service- she has no idea what’s going on either after several holds with her. She refers me to recovery services.

Spoke to Berthera at recovery services- she doesn’t know what’s going on either. Once again, I’m put on a long hold. She gets back on the line and tells me that she doesn’t know why the phones haven’t been logged back into the system and tells me I have to make a $138.00 payment to keep my account from going into collections! WHAT?!! I told her “Absolutely not! I’m supposed to be getting a refund, not a bill!”

She says she understands my frustration and that the only thing I can do is wait for the phones to be logged in.

The d**n phones have been sitting in your warehouse since June 26th!!
I’m beyond angry now.

You guys want to bill ME for you not doing your jobs!

I will be contacting the media, I will be contacting the BBB, I will be contacting an attorney!  This is absolutely fraud! I’m so tired of you big businesses operating as frauds!

I’m 110% positive that I’m not the only person that you’ve done this to, and you can bet that it will be shared.

You say you record the calls, go back and check them and see just how terrible the service is.

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