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This company has cost me money two years in a row for the same drug. The drug is Potassium CL 10MEQ ERcapsules? I was paying $17.50 for a 90 day supply until Jan 2016, when the price jumped to 100 dollars for the same drug in coated pill form.

In my effort to get clarification why this increase, my answer: “it is expensive to make”.

My Doctor found I could get the same medication but in capsule form as opposed to the pill form I had been taking for since 2001. So I changed and payed $27.50 for 90 day supply.

Now 2017, I went refill the prescription on Jan. 9th and was told the drug has been changed from a tier 2 to a tier 3 and the cost would be 120 dollars co-pay to me.

Calling Silverscript did not benefit me at all. The customer Service person was very flip. No explanation as to why the tier change.

I have had it with this company and sorry we didn’t change so we have been duped again.

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