Ripped off at Shell Vienna VA - Shell

I just bought gas at the Shell station located at 2084 Chain Bridge Road, Vienna, VA 22182. The grade I selected was the cheapest – $2.39/gal. When it was at approx. $20, I stopped the pump.

While I was removing the hose, the price jumped to $33.43 – at $2.899/gal.

When I got my receipt, I walked inside and told the attendant that the price was wrong. He “immediately” told me that sometimes people accidentally press the wrong button. I told him that I did NOT press the wrong button.

He then walked out with me to the pump and showed me how the hose could hit one of the other buttons.

Obviously, this did not happen and HE changed the price from inside the Shell station. This man should be prosecuted, and SHELL should also be prosecuted for hiring such a criminal.


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