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I have been purchasing gas at Shell Gas Station since as long as I can drive. Over 12 years. I also get a car wash at the 2164 South Broadway in Santa Maria, California. 93454. I choose Shell because it has great quality pumps and gas along with nice employees. It’s also right around the corner from my apartment. Even though it’s a few cents more I always felt it was worth it until today 10/21.

Around 2:30pm when I met a young girl, short hair, piercings, with no name tag. Their is a gentleman in front of me whom she never even greeted or made eye contact with. I’m standing behind off to the side waiting. Not once was I greeted with a “hello or may I help you” so I wasn’t sure if I should purchase or wait for the man.

After about 30 seconds I finally realized he wasn’t going to buy anything else so I stepped up to the counter. I asked for a $9.00 car wash. I had a $50 bill and pulled it out. She responded back very rude and said “if you just want your car washed your going to have to give me something a lot smaller. I don’t give change for that.” In those exact words.

I didn’t realize she was the owner of Shell. She seemed to be taking ownership with that tone, which I’m sure you can tell by the verbiage that this is horrible Customer Service.

I reached back into my wallet to pull out a $20. Then it hit me. I understand most registers only contain a certain amount of “change” to avoid theft. I know this because that’s how it works in my place of business.

Also, Knowing because I’m one of those people that does not use my card at gas stations and only pays cash, knows that she has $20.00’s and if I gave her a $20 I’m technically taking smaller bills used as change for big bills.

And also it’s not much of a difference from 2 $20.00 bills plus $1.00 than their is with a $10.00 bill plus $1.00. If she had only $100.00 in her drawer it still doesn’t make any sense. It honestly made her sound lazy and that she simply did not want to do it for whatever her reasons were.

How in the world would this mess up or short her drawer? Mathematically it doesn’t make sense. I’m sure this company excepts $50.00 bills since that’s about what it takes to fill up most Large Vehicles. If she is indeed correct it’s fine. But it was her approach and ability to not explain why. In short, she is rude and does not respect her job. She also obviously has 0 customer service skills.

NOW IT GETS WORSE. At this point I decide to leave because I felt my business wasn’t important or wanted since it’s only $9.00 less than she makes in 1 hour right but I’m not worth the time right? As I was leaving I decided to go back in to get her name for this review.

I asked her what her name was and she said “Why?” I said because I need it to tell your management about this poor customer service. She says “oh” so I asked again. She says “Sarah” I asked her how do you spell it and she said “I’m sure you can figure that out can’t you” I chuckled and said “ok Sara what’s your last name since I can’t see your name tag?” She said it’s none of my business. That is personal and I don’t need to give you that info if I don’t want to. I said “ok, what store # is this and what’s your managers name?” She said “I donno” I said “yes you do.” She said it was Louisa whom I will also be calling. Then I asked for the store phone # (805)346-1783 is what I was given.

After using google, a more trusted source I discovered that she even gave me the wrong #. At this point I am so upset and will no longer be going to Shell and neither will my Girlfriend. Between the both of us, a car wash every week $18×4= $72.00. every week, an average of $30 per vehicle every week= $240.

When your giving a company over $300 every month I’m pretty sure you would expect to have employees to put some kind of effort into there job. I drove less than a quarter mile to another gas station. Purchased an $8 car wash with my $50 bill and had no problems at all. I’m pretty sure my $9 might feel a little more important than she realized at the time.

Shell Gas Station – 330 E Enos Apt # 37 South Broadway Santa Maria CA 93454 | 805-346-1773

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