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I have a complaint with my local Shell Gas Station, Los Banos, Ca. 93635, which defrauded me via my debit Visa Card. I recently reviewed my financial bank statements and on 6/16 found a huge mistake for the purchase of gasoline.

A full filling of my vehicle is around $30.00. I was charged a whopping $76.59 a $46.29 difference.

I showed this mistake to the local Shell Station and was referred to their boss Nick, by sending him a fax for investigation.

He called me and tried to confuse me with unbelievable distraction. I had an overwhelming sense that neither the Shell store or he [Nick] cared about this.

My bank could not help me because 60 days had gone by and was advised to speak to Shell’s people, which was done already.

I’m dismayed that a Company as large as Shell will not give good customer service.

Shell Service Station Location – 24729 Interstate 5 Corner of Pacheco and W I St Los Banos 93635 | 209-826-4667

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