Lost $50, an on-time delivery and had to order from another website and pay same day delivery fee b/c they couldn’t get my order right.

I placed an order on Tuesday for delivery Friday. The Website checked me out with birthday greeting, delivery address and confirmed time (before 8pm Friday).

Apparently the website did not process my order, however, there was no notification about that fact. When I realized it had not gone through it was too late according to them and the only offer was they would help me place my order again (for the same price I paid and the same delivery fee).

After some back and forth they offered to pay for $15 shipping fee on a new order. Ridiculous.

In this day and age when there are companies who can get items to me within 2 hours, I don’t need to give money to a company with horrible customer service and a weak online site. I hope to see this company go under soon. Sounds like others have had similar experiences.

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