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We pay our mortgage monthly online when we know the funds are available. When you pay online with Serterus it links out to a third party – SpeedPay.

A few months ago SpeedPay did not process our payment by the due date. We did not realize it until after the due date when I called Seterus.

They insisted on collecting the late charge with the payment and if I wanted to dispute it I had to FAX them a complaint. I explained that we got rid of our home fax machine many years ago, but they insisted that was the only means to file a complaint.

We paid the fee and went on with our lives. However, I now realize they also reported it to the credit agencies and have damaged my credit score.

I just don’t have it in me to fight with them anymore. We didn’t choose Seterus (Chase sold it to them), didn’t choose SpeedPay – but I am stuck with them until I am able to refinance.

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