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I bought a Serta pillow at Walmart that, in big letters on the packaging, said it would never go flat.

Two weeks later I had the flattest, most misshaped pillow. It was the fastest I have ever seen a pillow go flat.

I wrote to Serta on their website. I got an email response that said:

“Thank you for contacting Serta. We are glad that you took the time to email us and appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. We are sorry for the experience you are having with your Serta Never Flat pillow.Your pillow is a Serta branded product that was produced by one of our trusted partners, Springs Global.. For further assistance, please contact Springs Global at 888-926-7888.”

It was one of those noreply email address so obviously they did not want to deal with it. Took no responsibility that their name was on a product that was so bad.

Never will buy another Serta product.

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