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Details as of 12-24-2016:

11-9-2016: My Kenmore laundry center ‘dies’, specifically the dryer. Paid cash for laundry center, purchased 5-2015, $1087.00, also 3 year in home service/repair policy $249.00.

11-9: Called sears repair number, I am asked to explain in detail exactly what the problem with the dryer is; I do so letting the rep. know that the dryer is making a terrible noise when I push the ‘on’ button… Perhaps and most likely there is something wrong with the belt…I’m thinking that this info that is requested is to be shared with the repair person so that he or she might have some idea of the parts to have on hand… thought wrong! Sears schedules an appointment for repair to be done for 11-16.

11-16: Repairman arrives; takes one look at the laundry center and says: “I only fix ice machines”, and out the door he goes..gone in a flash.

11-16: Called sears… scheduled a new appointment for repair on 12-9…

12-9: Repairman arrives (none of the info from my original call has been shared with him) , he makes his diagnosis, determines that three parts are needed….tells me he has ordered them and that the parts will be shipped to my home, leaves service order with me…and tells me that any repair appointments will be after 12-27.

12-19: Called sears to request a tracking number for the parts I have not yet received… I’m told that the parts were never ordered and that they will order them today.

12-23: 2 of 3 parts ordered arrive:.. From a sears in citrus hill, California…it is obvious that whomever packaged this order did a very very poor job (I took pics)… The top of the box was barely secured and all of the protective packaging was tossed inside the dryer drum, leaving it vulnerable to damage (NOT A UPS ISSUE) and of course the dryer drum was damaged and is unusable…

12-23: Called sears again… LeAnn in repair dept. (one of many reps I spoke with, and the one and only helpful person) reorders the dryer drum… A repair appt. may still be available for 1-6-17!!

So now I have been waiting since 11-9-16 to have a repair done, I expect it will be at least 2 MONTHS before my dryer is fixed… SHODDY PRODUCTS (just before buying the laundry center, I bought a living room set of recliner/couches…upon delivery I found them to be mismanufactured and broken frame) and ABYSMAL CUSTOMER SERVICE have convinced me, NEVER SHOP AT SEARS AGAIN!!

Also, this once respected retailer and my go to for quality products and customer assistance is ruined… SHAME ON YOU, SEARS CORPORATE :(

Sears – 3300 Broadway Eureka OR 97303

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We are having the same bad experience with sears kitchen appliances, we bought the fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher and within the first year we had to call for service for the fridge and the dishwasher ( the dishwasher alone was around $700) a few times, last time around 3 or 4 weeks ago the tech came (from an outside company that sears sends) and said they will order the board for the dishwasher and the dispensing unit for the fridge ,since he left we haven’t heard anything back every time we call to see what is going on no… Read more »

sears Kenmore elite bottom freezer refrigerator is less than 3 years old . repaired 3 times and quit again . model # 795.7402*,7404* . never buy sears !!!!


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