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Our story is almost identical to Mr. Seawalls. We are so frustrated and disappointed.

Frustrated because we signed our contract with Mr. Dave Elliott on March 3rd and have not received any windows to date. And we don’t want them now either as it is way past our remodeling project time line and from what I have read about their installation, I simple do not want them on my property.

Disappointed in our local government for allowing this company to pretend its in business and letting them steal peoples hard earned money…and so far they appear to be getting away with it.

We hired an attorney and had a letter sent to Sea-Thru Windows requesting our deposit back but with no resolve. He said we could file a suit and we could probably win the judgment but getting our deposit back would be a different story due to the long line of people that Sea Thru windows owes.

Plus, between the loss of work for court and the lawyers fees, we would be spending about the same amount that we have already lost, if not more. I just cant and don’t want to waste any more money on this company.

They have been evicted from both of their locations (Richmond and Norfolk) but yet seem to still be pretending to be in business. I defiantly would not recommend or hire this company!

At this point, I just hope they go out of business so other people will not get swindled out of their hard earned money.

Sea-Thru Windows – 3745 progress Rd Norfolk VA 23502 | 757-473-1144 

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