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I wanted to find out when negative items would fall off my credit report. I used Credit Karma due to being informative and free. I monitor my credit like a hawk. ScoreSense costed money but gave the same old info I already had for free. I was able to pull all 3 reports st no cost through and find all I was looking for.

Signed up on Friday and they told me it’s a 7 day trial. No big deal as long as I cancelled by next Friday. I spoke with someone to cancel for 14 minutes. He was trying to build rapport with me and beg me to stay. I could handle that as that’s their job. He said he’d have to file a request to refund my money. I got an email today that it was denied. Their reason? I canceled after exactly 7 days which turned out to be after 1:07PM. Are you joking?

ScoreSense expected me to take time off from work to cancel. 7 days is 7 days. I could see before 8PM like a bank or business, but have not heard of this practice ever in my life. I feel it to be deliberately sneaky to dupe people into thinking 7 days is not 7 full days. This is unacceptable and I am going to give them one last chance to reverse the charge to my account. If that fails I will file a fraud claim with my bank.

If that doesn’t work I’m contacting my network of attorneys who handle consumer protection cases.

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