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Free Credit Report ended up costing me $400.00. I never sign up for monthly recurring services and it is not clearly stated on their website that there will be a monthly recurring charge of $39.95.

As a Sr Citizen living on a fixed income of a $1000 a month, they literally took food out of my mouth by making those charges. I never received any “emails” from them, nor did I ever “log into” my account until I called the company to question the charges, and was instructed to do so.

Bottom line, they give no refunds, make no apologies, despite the fact that in 2014 they paid out a 22 million dollar settlement for ripping off consumers.

The new improved site is no improvement, and still a rip off.

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I’m being ripped off by ScoreSense like so many other people – – – $1 first month and then $39.95 monthly. Called my credit card company (VISA) and they said they would into it but it could take 60 days – – – not a lot of help. They offered to change my credit card number and I’ve read a complaint that said ScoreSense got the new number in a month and started charging again. What are we supposed to do to stop this fraudulent website?


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