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Ryobi and Home Depot are total scams with the Ryobi product line. Ryobi is one of the few companies that still require a receipt be kept all 3 years and won’t use the product manufacturer date as a means so they can not honor (SLEEZE OUT OF) their warranty.

Their rep on the toll free said that it was because, “if you bought something in 2012 and they replaced it (with another battery that was also poorly constructed so that it wouldn’t make it’s 3 years), that you are SOL”.

I’m sorry, but if you have this crappy of a product where it makes sense to the manufacturer that a person would randomly get 2 products that were so poorly crafted that neither could make the warranty period, you have a quality assurance problem. It’s a scam and Home Depot needs to recuse itself from Ryobi products.

Stay far away from Ryobi, go with a legitimate manufacturer that has some kind of Quality Assurance program. Ryobi SUCKS!.. and because of their association with Ryobi, HOME DEPOT SUCKS!

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