Super scam, just another sweatshop. - Rose Gal

I ordered 3 items from here, this dress, some shorts, and a “cardigan.”

What I received were items of terrible quality, the white cardigan’s material was akin to cardboard, and looked like a men’s shirt. It was ridiculously wide, and looks nothing like the picture.

The dress was slightly less worse than the cardigan, but still not an accurate representation of the actual product. The neckline is tiny, it’s not flattering at all in the chest area, and it’s made out of a disgusting spandex-like material.

The ONLY thing I received that was ANYTHING like it was represented were the shorts, not to mention that it took a month just for my package to arrive.

I will NEVER be purchasing from this website again. I feel very screwed over. DO NOT buy anything from this website.

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