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I started service in October with 4 phones after verifying that my area had coverage through Metro PCS. When I got home, I had no coverage. I went back to the store and turned 2 phones in that didn’t have coverage and kept 2 phones for my grandchildren who live 2 miles from me and had coverage.

The store manager, Mike took my 2 phones back and said he would credit my two hundred and twenty one dollars to my grandchildren’s phone account and I would not have a bill due until the end of January.

After the 1st of December my grandchildren’s phone were shut off for non payment. I went to the store where I had made the purchase only to find out that it was out of business. I paid seventy dollars to get their phones turned back on.

After a week of trying to get ahold of METRO PCS I was finally able to talk to a supervisor who said that they do not show my original payment at startup only one hundred and twenty dollars not two hundred and twenty one dollars, they show no credit being applied to my account but they do show my seventy dollar payment. They said that they could only credit my account for thirty dollars at this point.

I can’t believe that this company can treat customers like this and get away with it. All I was asking for was one hundred and fifty dollars that they owed me.

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