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I joined this survey site about 10 years past, about 3 weeks ago I tried to sign in and access my account. I kept getting a notification page stating that the account had been de-activated.

I know my details eg; user name and password were both accurate but was also getting a message that there was no account under my user name.

I tried contacting the company three times through the contact us link on the website main page, waited a week for some response but none arrived.

I found an old email with a survey link and contact details for from which I sent an email explaining everything again and requested they respond with an explanation.

I had enough points in my account to claim about £20.00 in payments. As you can imagine I spent lots of time and effort completing surveys to reach this stage and was not happy about doing them for nothing.

I also informed them that if they continued to ignore me and offered no response that I would take further action.

This is my first attempt to inform others what this survey site is like. It has now been 3 weeks and I have still had no response what so ever, and I still can not access my account.

Very very annoyed!

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