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Branch / Location of Complaint: ZOLL Medical Corporation
Address: 269 Mill Rd Chelmsford, Massachusetts 01824

My brother had a heart attack. I am not legally responsible for him.

During hiking, he had his heart attack and all personal items including wallet were lost in transport.

Zoll lied and said they needed my information to come to the hospital, while he was incapacitated, to show us a vest.

The hospital gave my cell number to ZOLL. ZOLL said they required my credit information at that time, but would not charge as I was not responsible, and did not sign anything.

When they came, my brother said he did not want the vest, would not wear one, and asked the guy to take it and leave.

The ZOLL representative left it.

When I told him I would not take it, he threatened me and said they had my information.

It was never worn, requested, or signed for. However, when my brother was released, I found a $500 charge to my card!

I called ZOLL and they signed and picked up the vest and said they would refund the alleged “deposit.”.

They never did. I got the person’s signature who picked up the vest.

I called ZOLL again, they claim they authorized the return, but a couple of months have passed and no return of my $500.

I found this site and many others who were ripped off. Many were also hurt by the device.

Please complain to the BBB as they have a near perfect record on the BBB. Complaints on this site should also be posted on the BBB site!

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