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On the Holiday Monday I received a call from my “Telus provider” so he said. He said that since I was with telus for over 10 years they can lower my long distance fee from $20.29 to $11 something. I confirmed that this was telus and not trying to sell me anything. I found it very weird telus would be calling on a holiday Monday.

After asking some questions again the man kept insisting he was telus. He then told me to get my lower rate he had to transfer me to his supervisor and to just ask yes or no questions.

I was transferred to the supervisor (which got upset that id id ask a question and didn’t reply just yes or no). I hungup and called Telus and they confirmed this was a scam and that the company did not have access to my account or bill.

A couple days later I got a e-mail from reliant saying I’m switched long distance providers. I immediately called to dispute this change, the lady cancelled my contract but said I may have charges, and that she will send me the conversation recording. I got the recording and found it very falsified and chopped up. (Recording is very different then the one I have on my phone. Our business records all phone conversations for this very reason!).

The recording you sent also does not have the original conversation with the man who called, just the supervisor conversation that is all edited! I looked up reliant communications and see that they have done this to numerous people.

This company needs to be shut down

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