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PNC Mortgage has ripped me off by not properly recording information sent to them about a bankruptcy that was filed.

A stay was filed…

They said it wasn’t…

Then filed late charges, after not providing me with a coupon book for payments, and charging late payments when sent to the address provided.

They have failed as a finance company to supply me with needed information, to make house payments; and have done so on purpose.

I CAUGHT ALL MY LATE payments up at once… Yet they claim I did not.

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This bank has given the standard policy to it all costumes. All the charges like ATM, SMS services all are free. So don’t wait to try to open your account in this bank.

I have this PNC bank charge card and as a part for 15 yrs in great credit never late pay on time. simply this week ask for a postpone effortlessness time of 2 weeks around the same time. would you be able to trust no offered care to their church after so long. they decline my demand point clear. others banks I utilize were more minding than this bank. be careful before applying for their Visa. will be dealt with the same.

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