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I’ve used my NutriBullet for about 4yrs & have loved it. However when I recently replaced some of the parts with a 5 piece set (purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond), I noticed within 2 weeks that the large mixing tumbler had what appeared to be “stress fractures” running up the sides…

I tried twice to reach the customer service department only to be put on hold indefinitely. I am self-employed & cannot afford for this to happen repeatedly.

The 1st time I called I couldn’t hold any longer & was told they could call me back (wait time ~12 minutes)… 4 hours later as I went to bed, still no call to resolve my dilemma!

This is unacceptable when hard working people have put out hard earned $$ for their products & then end up in some nebulous tech black hole to resolve (what I perceive to be) a fairly simple challenge – replacement of the tumbler in question…

Love the product, hate the customer service, and owning my own home based business customer service IS my business..

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