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Branch / Location of Complaint: National Processing Center
Address: 7851 West 185th St #200 Tinley Park, Illinois 60477
Phone: 708-781-4891

I currently run a small business and use Paypal Business to process my orders. It is a secure safe method for small businesses however with larger customers it lacks legitimacy. I wanted to take the next logical step and and accept orders directly on my website.

I was contacted by dozens of processors but NPC was the most persistent. I checked them out (owned by large Vantiv, Inc. a publicly traded company) I applied for an account using and was approved in a couple of days.

I waited nearly 2 months to activate the account after receiving a large order from a customer who refused to use Paypal. During this time NPC sent me text messages and emails daily reminding me to activate my account.

I finally did on 2/24/2016 and processed the $4720 order via the Virtual Terminal on I warned my customer that because of the size of the order someone would contact him to verify the validity of his business.

The following day, 2/25/2016 NPC seized my $4720 and closed my account. I did not find out until a week later as I was expecting a deposit in my BofA business account.

When I called the customer service informed me the account had been closed and told me I needed to talk to Kimberly Leach at 708-781-4891.

I left 5 messages and called over a dozen times and she did not once answer her phone. I looked her up on the internet and she had a very little used LinkeIN account the claimed she worked for NPC in their Fraud, Charge-back department, she was based out of IL however NPC is in Kentucky.

I thought I had been scammed and Kimberly Leach was not a real person. I then began calling customer service again. They would look up my account and then disconnect my call. They did this 3 times.

I have since done a lot of research on NPC and they appear to be a legitimate company with questionable practices.

Finally, I received a letter from them on 3/8/2016 claiming the account had been closed and they will be holding my $4720 for a minimum of 180 days.

They think the transaction is fraudulent. It is not. They made no attempt to contact my customer to very the order was not fraud. I have a lot of questions for NPC but nobody will speak with me. I have sent a follow up letter demanding explanation or I will be forced to take legal action.


1. Why was my account approved in the first place?

2. Why bother me daily to activate the account only to close it the next day?

3 Why not verify the order with my customer?

4. How can you claim I am fraudulent when your company is clearly committing fraud against me?

Glen Doak, Owner CADnet, LLC

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