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I saw a video of Dr. Oz and Christie Brinkley on my computer. Christie was putting the wrinkle cream on Dr. Oz. The company advertised, “Get a free sample of this cream, “only play shipping. ” The shipping was about $5.00. It was paid for with my credit card. To my surprise, two items from the company arrived on two different days.

Last week I received two additional packages(which I did not order). When my credit card bill came, I saw two strange charges on the bill.

They amounted to about $200.00. The charges were from Nouvalift. I called the company and they said I should have canceled the orders within 14 days of getting the first two shipments. “Hold on, let me check with my boss to see if you can cancel now. Ok but you will have to return the unused products in two separate mailings.” I was told I could not put them bath in the same container even though they are tiny. So this means money will be spent twice returning product that never ordered and never wanted.

So do not order a “free” sample of Nouvalift, because I is a scam to get your credit card number so they can charge you almost two hundred a month forever for a product that does not work.

At this time I am trying to get the two products ready to mail, take to the post office and hope I will get my $200.00 back from these crooks.

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