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AT&T Digital Life sent out a technician to my home on Friday to set up the security system for the new home I was moving into that day. The technician was on the phone the entire time and I over heard that this was his first job by himself! He was replacing an old key pad and he drilled into live wires in the wall, there where sparks and it blew a breaker leaving me with half the electricity out in my house.

They had another technician out to help but still not successful in completing the security systems and they said not to worry they would file the incident and have an electrician come fix the electrical wires and breaker.

They left my house, no security system working, NO electricity in half my house, and TWO exposed wires in my wall with a blown out electrical box!

WOW, I really felt safe knowing my new house could catch on fire!

Well, no one showed up on Saturday, so I called and filed an complaint and asked where were the electricians? AT&T sent two more technicians out on Saturday and they were successful in getting my security system working but NO electricians… So NO electricity in half of my house… and still exposed wires.

Well, we called again and they said they would make a new claim. It is Monday and NO electricians! I have called and made an appointment for NB Electric to come out on Wednesday since AT& T has left me hanging! I don’t know what the cost is going to be and not sure how to make AT&T responsible for reimbursement, to hold them accountable for leaving me in an unsafe environment, and having the inconvenience of not having electricity in half of my house?

SO Not feeling to SAFE with AT&T Digital Life!

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