Fraudulent Gas Pump - Exxon Mobil

Beware of the Mobil gas station at 8001 Page intersecting Hanley Rd St Louis Missouri!

On Oct 31, 2016 their sign said regular gas was $1.96/gallon. I had a half tank already but pulled in that evening.

I used pump #7 intending to fill up with regular. I pushed the octane button on the far left.

It seemed like too many gallons were registering and the total price looked awfully high, so I stopped the pump.

When I got home and pulled out my receipt, I was shocked to see that it charged me $2.36/gallon for premium gas.

I was certain the button on the left was for regular gas, but to make sure I drove back there the morning of Nov 1.

Sure enough, the far left button is labeled regular gas. Is this their intentional fraud to boost sales?

I was ripped off.

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