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Similar experience to the many that have posted here with Zoll.

I had and ER of 20%. Zoll representative told us that the doctor recommended this device because our insurance would not pay for an ICD until we tried alternatives for 90 days and that I needed this device to prevent sudden death until I got the ICD. The representative told us that the device was covered under our insurance.

About a month later, my insurance company sent me a letter stating that they would not cover the device. I was going to return the LifeVest immediately due to the un-affordable cost, but another Zoll representative assured us that this was a common situation and they would get our the insurance company to cover the LifeVest.

I also had started getting a rash from the device a few weeks after wearing it that progressively got worse and left open sores and was very painful. Zoll reps told me to use a different soap to wash the garment portion of the LifeVest. After nearly two months of suffering, I could no longer wear the it because of the pain and the open sores and oozing were so bad; the doctors said the risk of infection was too high and I stopped wearing the vest. I sent the device back, but 3 months had passed by this time.

Once I stopped wearing the LifeVest, the rash and oozing healed and I was no longer in pain. My wife was terrified, however, until I finally got my ICD a few months later; the entire experience was just awful.

Zoll did continue to try to get payment from my insurance company for about a year and 1/2 but in the end I finally received a bill from Zoll in the mail for $10,350. During this period, I contacted my companies HR and they put me in touch with a rep at my insurance company, Blue Cross/Blue Shield. They sent me detailed documentation as to why the Zoll LifeVest did not meet the criteria for coverage and docs regarding the appeals process to the state of Missouri Insurance board.

I will be filing complaints with the Attorney Generals in my state and Zoll’s home state (Pennsylvania) and with the Federal Trade commission for deceptive business practices. At this point we have not paid Zoll. If anyone could provide advice with regards to reducing or eliminating the claimed debt to Zoll, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, please let me know if there are other regulatory agencies that I can file complaints to about Zoll.

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