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Branch / Location of Complaint: Meineke
Address: 16753 Coastal Highway Lewes, Delaware 19968
Phone: 302-313-2820

In May of 2016 I purchased 4 new tires at Meineke in Lewes, Delaware. In September of 2016, I went to Maryland, where I formerly lived, for an appointment with a doctor there.

When I arrived at my doctor’s office, I happened to look at my right front tire and was very frightened to see that I had a bulge the size of a baseball in the sidewall of my 5 month old tire.

Since the nearest Meineke dealer was a great distance away, I went to the closest tire dealer, a nationally known company. I was told what I knew was probably the case, that my tire needed to be replaced.

I asked how something like this could happen to a tire that was only 5 months old. They told me that, based on what they found, that the tire was defective or it had been put on my car incorrectly. I asked for them to make note of this on my bill and I asked for them to give me the old tire so I could show the Meineke dealer, who I assumed would give me at least part of my money back.

The tire dealer in Maryland indicated to me that I had about 20 miles left before the tire blew out if I had continued to drive it. If I hadn’t noticed the bulge in the tire, in 20 miles I would have been on Route 95, a major interstate, going 65 miles an hour. A blow out could have easily killed me at that speed.

A few days after I returned to Delaware, I went to the Meineke dealer, with the old tire and the receipt and statement from the tire company in Maryland, fully expecting at least part of my money back. A representative of the dealer looked at the tire and said they would not be reimbursing me a cent since the damage to the tire indicated that I had had an accident, hit a pothole, or rammed a curve.

I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and a retired educator. I keep my car in my garage when I am not driving, no one else ever drives my car, and, since May I know for absolutely sure that I have not had an accident, hit a pothole or rammed a curb.

I explained this to the representative who pretty much told me that I must be lying. I argued with the representative, but she would not budge and continued to say it was my fault. I left the Meineke dealer at that point, extremely upset.

My next action was to call Meineke customer service. I explained the issue and the representative said it certainly sounded like I had not been treated well and that she was sure I would be getting my money back, given the circumstances. She created an official complaint and said an investigator would look into the matter and I would be hearing from her.

I did receive a call from the investigator who told me my claim was being denied because the dealer said I must have caused the damage. That was it.

I would not have called customer service if I had in fact had an accident, hit a pothole, or rammed a curb. I called them because they wouldn’t believe me at the dealer. I know I did not do any of these three things.

I’m a person of integrity. I would have accepted their denial if there was the slightest chance that I had caused the damage. The tire was obviously defective or was installed incorrectly. But this dealer would not take responsibility.

I have heard that this is a pattern with this local branch of Meineke.

I am continuing to officially complain, but people have not returned my phone calls. I am now sharing my story with everyone I know. I’m absolutely disgusted with the total lack of responsibility and accountability on the part of Meineke.

I hope in writing this, I will reach a much larger audience with my complaint. I will never use this company’s services again and I encourage anyone who reads this to do the same.

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