Branch / Location of Complaint: Meineke Car Care Center
Address: 1458 Chestnut St Emmaus, Pennsylvania 18062
Phone: 610-928-1166

I would strongly suggest that you not take your vehicle to Meineke Emmaus Pennsylvania. I had my vehicle towed here, as one of my tire studs fell back into the brake well, when I was changing my tire.

Their mechanic stripped my rear axle, and then put the wheel nut back on, and sent me on my way.

Driving on this for 3 days destroyed my bearings and the wheel nut (as the wheel nut would not sit in place because they stripped the axle). Their mechanic also destroyed my tire pressure gauge when he changed the tire.

When confronted, the owner and his son Will denied it, and even suggested that I was setting them up, despite pictures and me providing the actual parts to them after Bennett Toyota thankfully replaced the axle, bearings, and tire pressure sensor.

The total repair cost me over $1,200.

Emmaus Meineke would not refund a penny, even though the work that they did was substandard and cost me so much.

I would never take my car here and I tell everyone I know never to go here. Really sad business practices and substandard technicians.

I called Meineke corporate, but after a few days they just regurgitated what the owner and his son said to me. You basically have no recourse when something like this goes wrong.

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